• Posted on July 14, 2017 9:59 pm
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    There is something terribly wrong with "good" people, especially those in positions of authority. "Good" people in a position of authority seem to always know what is "good for you," and what must be done "for your own good." Their ideas on what is "best for everyone" are accepted unilaterally without question or feedback because they know "best" what is "good" for themselves and everyone else. It is their supposed "goodness" and concern for our welfare that convinces us they have our best interests in their hearts and minds, and we should go along for everyone's benefit as well as "our own good." It is because of our unquestioning acceptance that "good" people should decide what is best for everyone that we end up losing our rights and freedoms. The biggest threat to our freedom is not fascism, but the altruism of "good people" willing to sacrifice our rights and freedoms for the "greater good" thus eroding them to the point where they exist in theory only. picture from www.mindfreedom.org article, Fighting Back Against Human Rights Abuses in the Mental Health System: http://www.mindfreedom.org/mfi-faq/go/now  

    Human Rights