Posted on June 9, 2017 10:58 pm

What Is Re-Islamization?

“We know the Muslim Brotherhood on one hand, the Salafists on the other hand, try slowly and then constantly to re-Islamise the Muslim population of France and turn it against the Republic. It has been said overtly by many mouths, many clerics of Muslim confessions. I think it’s a risk because France is a privileged target. If France swings over to the re-Islamisation of French Muslim citizens it would be a victory for all the fundamentalists.”

-Pascal Bruckner on BBC Hardtalk with Stephen Sackur

Many Muslims are like my husband who was born into a Muslim family but never really got into the religion himself. He was too busy with his schooling and work. He found Quranic memorization and performing the rituals uninteresting. Since he went to boarding school and studied abroad, his family did not have the opportunity to indoctrinate him as much as they would have liked. It was this background that made our East/West, Muslim/Christian marriage possible.

But after we had our first child, things changed. His family told him he would be in Hell if his children were not raised Muslim, and he believed them. That was the beginning of our descent into Hell. We went so far down that it has taken years of effort, with the help of others, for our family to begin to climb out of it. And that effort has been most challenging for the children who knew little else. To avoid Hell, Prophet Muhammed’s advice was to teach them about Islam; however, over the centuries, Islam has become Islamism, or religiously-veiled politics. The Muslim scholars have managed to take something that most definitely is not a duck and make it look like a duck, swim like a duck and sound like a duck, convincing great numbers of people that this dangerous creature is a duck.

Islamism is not Islam, but a poisonous ideology that fatally poisons every kind of relationship. Re-Islamization is the act of sucking people into the jaws of the poisonous ideology of Islamism through someone familiar with it. This ideology teaches that music, art, poetry, and “non-Islamic” reading/writing are forbidden for a “true believer.” If you do any of this, you are an “unbeliever,” even if you are a “Muslim.”