Posted on June 5, 2017 9:07 pm

Islamic Extremism

Islamic extremism is the child of fear. It knows only weakness and insecurity. The way out of this extremist thought is to find the source of the fear and address it. It has been so difficult to discover what is causing the fear among “Islamic” extremists because what they are fearing is Islam. The extremists, in what they are doing in the name of Islam, are the ones “fighting Islam,” not “the West.” They are the ones who are disrespecting Prophet Muhammed and all that he taught, not Westerners. The extremists’ fear comes from the negative way Islam is taught in homes, Islamic schools and centers in the general Muslim community–with constant over-emphasis on “fear of Allah,” fear of Hell, harsh discipline, threats, and punishments. These negative teachings and methods make Islam about fear, hell, harsh discipline, threats, and punishments which drives away the children raised in such a regimen who then drive away everyone else. So, the desired result is achieved when everyone is driven away from a message that is the opposite of patriarchal dominance and control.