Posted on January 5, 2017 11:08 pm

Rethinking Morality

When someone does something we disapprove of, like shoot-up a school, we immediately focus all of our attention on that person and try to figure out what is wrong with them and how to punish them and see that justice is done. It is always about “them,” never “us.” We are doing our bit by holding down a job and paying our taxes. As long as we have a job and pay our taxes, we are absolved of all responsibility for others’ misdeeds. It never occurs to us that the job we are doing and the taxes we are paying could be contributing to injustice, discontent, and anger. The “always them, never us” mentality pervades the religions and mental health field which are supposed to be about self-awareness, self-introspection, mindfulness, listening and consulting in order to head off trouble before it begins. Without this, all the good intentions in the world are worthless,¬†even harmful as we’ve seen unexamined “good works” so often have negative consequences.